• Chud
    Chud Head of Marketing

    Chud is our head of marketing. He comes up with ways to push our brand and find cool new ways to reach out to our community.

  • Matt

    Matt is the guy who builds the infrastructure to all of our platforms. He handles the back-end of all of our assets and websites.

  • Marley
    Marley Head of Sound Design

    Marley is our main sound design guy. He makes sure all the samples and patches you receive are ready to go and meet the Fox.wav standard.


  • James
    James Sound Designer

    James has no chill when it comes to making sounds. Just when you thought you know how to make a sound, he shows you how to make it crazier.

    Artist Name: Khudos

  • Noah
    Noah Sound Designer

    Noah makes some insane sounds. With his crazy sounds released across Twonk, he constantly proves his ability to create unique sounds.

    Artist Name: 2Scoops

  • Austin
    Austin Sound Design & Sales

    Austin is one of our sound designers that focuses more on the dubstep side. He also works with affiliates to handle sales and accounts.

    Artist Name: Pierce