Haven | The Ultimate Pop
Production Kit

700+ Samples & 30 Xfer Serum Presets

Brief Summary

This pack has been in the making for months.

We sat down with guitarists, bassists, singers & even recorded some instruments ourselves for this pack.

This pack will take your pop/down-tempo production to the next level.

If you’re ready, check out the demos below!

What Genre Is This Pack?

This pack is perfect for the inspirations of Porter Robinson, Madeon, Justin Bieber, Marshmello & many more.

Video Introduction


Why Did We Make Haven?

We wanted variety. 

Forever, we always wanted more soft samples to make pop & down-tempo. We wanted more than just a sample pack that focused on ONE genre and didn’t push limits.

With Haven, we didn’t want to give you just loops or samples that you can drag and drop to be done with. We wanted to give you the tools you need to develop your skills in overall production.

With a collection of one shots, direct input AND edited versions as well as MIDI, we give complete control over your production.

In this pack we include a variety of instruments and percussion. Guitars, vocals, vintage chords, etc.

To be honest.

We didn’t want to just make a sample pack. We wanted to give you tools. Sort of like the saying “why buy a desk when you can build one with hammer and nails?”. That’s what we want to do. This pack is perfect for chopping, cutting up and creating.

Giving artists samples that they can’t play with takes away from their idea. We don’t want to do that. We want to inspire you to push your sound with a little help.

Each element in this pack was made for these two reasons. We really hope you enjoy this production kit.

Sold... Already?

Not yet? We let you know exactly whats in Haven below!

What Does The Haven Production Kit Include?

Haven Guitars:

Over 400+ guitar loops & shots including the direct input & amped for ultimate customization. You can use these guitar samples to create chord progressions, chop up for melodies and so much more.

Haven Vocals:

Let’s create. Over 100+ vocal lines, one shots & chops including harmonized and clean! This allows you to have sources for creating your own perfect vocal chops!

Haven FX:

FX are extremely essential.  With these 50 FX you’ll be able to bring your track to life.  Downshifts, exhausts & much more. Quality FX do a lot more to your track than you’d think.

Haven Synths:

This is where variety kicks in. Over 45+ synth progressions & one shots! Possibilities are endless. Create amazing progressions of your own, or use one of ours to sample! Oh, we threw some MIDI in too.

Haven Drums:

Drums are important.. That’s we put over 80 drums & loops into this pack.  Ranging from soft percussion to punchy. These are great across all pop genres.

Haven Serum Presets:

Boy are we excited. We slimmed down on patches and included perfect 30 serum presets in this pack. We  absolutely love them for pop production… With a mixture of arps, basses, chords and leads. These will definitely up your production game.

Available Across All DAW’s + Xfer Serum

Get over 700+ Samples & 30 Serum Presets for Only $32

The #1 Pop Production Kit on The Market!