What is Fox.wav?

Fox.wav is a subsidiary of Surello, LLC that sells high-quality digital sound samples for music producers!

What comes in a Sample Pack?

Every sample pack is made differently for a specific genre and niche, you can learn more by going to the Sample Packs section and clicking on any given pack!

Who makes the samples?

Our samples are made by the sound designers on Our Team. Each designer has been a producer for several years and each fully understands what a producer is looking for in a sample pack!

How do I receive my Samples?

Once your purchase is complete, you will be redirected to a page with a download link! You will also receive an email with the link.

Are any of your Samples Free?

Yes! You can check out our freebies section by clicking here!

How can I test the samples?

For every sample pack we have a Demo Track and a video! Take a listen!

How can I Pay?

You can checkout using Paypal or by Credit Card by Stripe! We encourage you to use what you feel more comfortable with.

How can I get in touch with Fox.wav?

We have several ways you can reach out to us! You can use our contact page by clicking here, you can email us at “hello@foxwav.com” or just use our message button on the bottom left of the page; for the fastest response, use that button or message us on FaceBook!

Do you sell anything other than Samples?

Yes we do, you can go to Surello.com to see the other services we offer including custom samples, and graphic design services!