what makes us special

Fox.wav is a sample pack company that focuses on samples & serum patches.
We aim to bring the highest quality vision that pushed your brand to new levels.
We’re constantly improving our sounds and your impressions.
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Sound Design Can Change The World

About Us

Don’t know much about us? This should tell you everything you need to know about us!

Why do we make samples?

For the longest time we hated searching for samples over and over again to be disappointed after purchasing so we wanted to change that. But that’s not all, we want others to learn from our sound design and apply it to their own standards.

What makes us different?

First, what makes us different is our attention to detail. We put every effort into making sure you don’t have to deal with any errors, issues or problems with our product. Second, our quality control is what sets us apart from others. We cycle our samples and presets through our whole team so we have multiple ears on them to ensure the best revisions.

How should we use your samples?

We don’t make samples to cheat or to shortcut sound design. We hope you learn from what we give you. Digest how we do it so you can further your knowledge as well.

Where are we located?

Fox.wav was founded in Columbus, Ohio but we have re-located to Los Angeles, California. Since the move, we’ve had incredible opportunities and insane fun experiences with our brand.

How long has Fox.wav been around?

Fox.wav has been around sine September 10th, 2016. We started out with two people now we have an entire team we’re completely grateful AND proud of.